Frequently asked Questions

On Gamboll, You can create Dance Mashup Videos, individually, or with your loved ones. Firstly, Join or Create a Group, Add Participants by sending them invites, Select a song and Record and after having all participants video click on mashup to create mashup video. 

Click on the ‘Home’ icon, to see latest NewsFeeds from all over the world, created by ‘Gambollers’. Like, Share and react to the videos to encourage.

After creating the Rendered Video,You will see watch button in that select the option ‘Make Public’. Enter Appropriate Caption, thumbnail and click ‘Submit’ to List it in NewsFeed.

By directly clicking on invite link or in the NavBar, click on the search icon, and search for the particular group name to join.

In the NavBar, on clicking the group icon, you can see the list of the groups you have created and the one you have joined.

The final output video, generated by creatively tackling all the group member’s videos, and which is ready to be shared with the public.

Upload button decompresses the video by decreasing video size and by trying to maintain the quality of video highest possible.

After uploading the video only members of that group can watch it.